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All causes of deaths are categorized in accordance with the International List of Causes of Deaths and compiled for statistical purposes. To receive a death record that has not been redacted, the requestor must meet certain relationship requirements and must provide a photo ID and proper proof as to the relationship to the decedent.

Franklin County OH Death Records

The Proof of Relationship Verification Addendum can be used to request that the social security number appears on a death certificate. Any proof that is questionable by the WCHD staff will be submitted to the Ohio Department of Health for their approval which may cause a delay in issuing the death certificate. You will need to request a home birth packet from the Vital Statistic Office by calling This can be done by the licensed midwife or the parents. It is highly recommended that you obtain this packet in advance of the birth to avoid being rushed to get all of the required information in a short amount of time.

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Once the certificate has been prepared after the birth packet is filed and reviewed by the Ohio Department of Health, the parents may purchase a certified copy of the birth certificate. All materials to register a home birth should be mailed or brought into:. Burial permits are issued to funeral directors or person in charge of the interment, who must either file a provisional death certificate or the original certificate before the remains are interred or cremated.

Beginning March 20, , a person who was adopted between January 1, , to September 18, , may submit an application to the Ohio Department of Health for a copy of their adoption file. Skip to content Skip to main navigation Skip to footer Home. Death Certificates The funeral director is responsible for filing death and stillbirth certificates with the local registrar.

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Ohio Death Records are not public records and can be obtained only by the legal guardians, relatives, and legal representatives of the deceased. You can request for an obtain death record in the state of Ohio in three different ways: in person, by mail and by phone. Following is how you can make a request for and obtain an Ohio Death Record through each way. The first way to obtain death records in Ohio is in person.

How do you make an in person request for death records in Ohio? You can make an in person request for an Ohio Certified Death Record by visiting a local Vital Statistics office, completing the Application for Certified Copies , and paying the relevant fee. How can you make a request for and obtain Ohio Death Records through mail?

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To make a mail request for Ohio Death Records, complete and mail the aforementioned application along with a copy of valid photo ID and a self-addressed envelope to:. In addition to the aforementioned documents, mail a pay order or cheque for the fee to above-mentioned address. Also, it is important to have the form notarized.

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Generally, mail requests are processed within 2 to 4 weeks. The final way to obtain death records in Ohio is online.

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To make a telephone request for an Ohio Death Record , call vitalcheck, an independent company contracted by the Ohio Department of Health, at , provide the required information, and pay the relevant fee through credit card. Making a phone request for Ohio Death Records is the fastest way to obtain the death record you need.

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There you have it—the three ways to make a request for and obtain death records in Ohio. Using the online public databases is a fast and convenient way of accessing the Ohio death record you need. As mentioned above, Ohio Certified Death Records are not available to the general public and only specific people can access them.

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To find out more about how you can obtain the death records in Ohio, call the Office of Vital Statistics of Ohio Department of Health at Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.