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Top of the content. Family history online services Researching your family tree? Ancestry online search help. Last updated: 02 November How to get started Gather as many family details from living relatives as you can before going online to kick off your search, so that you have somewhere solid to start.

Go to the births, deaths and marriages registries to mine their database for information. Be aware though that recent records are restricted by privacy laws. Birth records in NSW can be found online from to , death records from to and marriage records up to , but records for more recent years can only be viewed by those named on the certificate. Local libraries hold copies of births, deaths and marriages records on microfiche.

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Links for many of these and other sites can be found on the National Library of Australia 's family history page. Joining a family history group can introduce you to others with similar interests and provide help if you run into a dead end with your research. Some groups have their own resources and run seminars to help educate people on how to find out about their ancestry.

How To Find Ancestry Family Documents for FREE - Geneology 101 pt 2!

You can pay the births, deaths and marriages registry to conduct a search on your behalf if you don't want to do the searching yourself, but they charge a fee for each search. There are also transcription agents, but be sure to only use one licensed by the registry, and check out the cost beforehand. These can be useful if you want some details but not a full copy or transcript of a certificate. Family tree software There are both free and paid family history software products that can act as your own family history database. Several features are important in a family tree program.

GEDCOM compatibility allows easy sharing of data with other researchers, and is also needed to upload files to online genealogy sites. The free programs all save files in this format. Government births, deaths and marriage records We recommend using the free websites listed below, starting with the Births, Deaths and Marriages government sites. If all the free avenues have been exhausted, then consider paying for access to other resources.

State government websites It's now possible to find records for relatives going back several generations, and in some cases complete records and certificates can be viewed online.

Start with your home state or territory births, deaths and marriages website. The online resource site Trove has been created by the National Library of Australia and has a great deal of digitised content and links for further research. The National Archives of Australia has family history information. The Australian Family History Compendium website can be used to search for links to online records.

Genuki has links for UK and Ireland family history research. UK government records are available at its website , the English Census website and the national archives. We do not charge a fee unless we locate the party you are searching for. I would like to know how I can go about saving the information I have on both sites.

Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory™ - Wiki

Please send me that information ASAP!!!! Very helpful! Thank you for sharing these tips! The last tip I had never heard before, thanks. The more you become specific of the search, better the chance of being able to find specific information. Anytime you put multiple words in quotes, you will get more specific information. There are also some instances where you may have to broaden your search.

That is great thanks very much! I am going to use it to find a particular person, fingers crossed! Nell Rose I fine out that this very interesting I new some of this but a little I miss and good luck on your tree. Very useful. Thank you I did not know any of this but I did know that was some means of reducing the amount of hits that you get when you search on google.

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  • Any more tips like this most welcome. This article is an excellent resource for finding ancestors. The site: command was mentioned. Examples: You have extracted all of the available family information from ancestry.

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    • Many extraneous results from ancestry always adds to the clutter you must sort through. You can use the -site: as many times as you like in the query. You are searching for ancestors in France, but your search returns information from the UK which is of no use.

      Most of us would go to the main web page for the Library of Congress and have to find the search feature and resource database to query. Use the back door approach. Try this search to locate resources in the library containing specific family information.

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      Remember if too many sorrel horse references simply use -horse -pony -mare. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Family History Daily. This site uses cookies to implement some features. Imagine adding your family tree to a simple website and getting hundreds of new family history discoveries instantly.

      MyHeritage is offering 2 free weeks of access to their extensive collection of 9 billion historical records, as well as their matching technology that instantly connects you with new information about your ancestors.

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      Trace your family history online – 13 sites and apps for researching your family tree

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