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What are the pros and cons of establishing paternity? Child Support. New York State.

Register a birth

More in Single Parenting. To pay an additional charge to add a name to the child's birth certificate after the child leaves the hospital To wait a long time to receive the corrected birth certificate.

Submit a copy of the original birth certificate to the Department of Vital Statistics in your state Pay the applicable fee To ask the father to sign an affidavit acknowledging paternity A new birth certificate with the child's name will then be sent to the parents It may take at least a month to receive a new birth certificate. A Word From Verywell.

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  • Re-register a birth!
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    Birth Certificates

    Continue Reading. Why is it called a Deed Poll?

    Table of contents

    What is the purpose of a Deed Poll? Who can apply for a Deed Poll? How long does the process take? Can I change my child's name? Can a birth certificate be changed?

    Re-register a birth | Swindon Borough Council

    Are there any restrictions on names? Is a Deed Poll registered anywhere? Why do people change their name?

    Fight to get a father's name on birth certificate

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