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Those applying for registration under the 'rolling registration' process between December and August each year will be included on the notice of alteration to the register which is published on the 1st of the month following approval of their application.

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Only people on the Electoral Register can vote at future elections. Please check your Household Notification Letter and make sure that the names of all residents who are eligible to vote are listed. If a voter needs to be added to the household, that person should also visit www. They will need to provide their National Insurance number in order to complete the process.

Search the Electoral Roll

There are two versions of the Electoral Register, the electoral version and the open version. The recipients of the full register are clearly set out in law, and may only use the information in the register the purposes specified by the Representation of the People England and Wales Regulations When you register to vote , you can choose to opt out of the open register, which means your details cannot be used for marketing purposes. Note : Removing your details from the open register does not affect your right to vote. You must make it clear that you wish to opt out of the open register, and include your full name and address.

Find Part number and Serial number of Electoral roll to fill voter ID editing form no8 at

Every local authority holds the Electoral Register for their own area. There is no online electoral register.

Electoral Register - Worcester City Council

Please email ero barnet. If you feel that you are at risk by your name appearing on the register of electors you can apply to be entered anonymously and if your application is accepted your name and address will not be shown.

Any person living with you can also apply to vote in this way. You will need to complete a form giving the reason for needing to be registered anonymously e. You are required by law to provide documentary evidence in the form of a court order or injunction. Register to vote now. Registering to vote online is the easiest and quickest way. Keep this number somewhere safe, as you will need to provide it if you apply for a postal or proxy vote. Contact the Electoral Office of Northern Ireland to find out more.

The electoral roll and your credit score

You can't vote until you're 18 years old. However, if you live in Scotland, you can vote in some elections from 16 years old. Find out which elections you can vote in. The definition of a 'Commonwealth' citizen includes citizens of British Crown dependencies and British overseas territories.

Register of Electors

A 'qualifying' Commonwealth citizen is someone who has leave to enter or remain in the UK, or who doesn't require that leave. If you are registered to vote, you will be on the electoral register. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser to get the best experience.

Welcome to our new website. We'll be making more information available over the coming weeks. You are in the Voter section Home Voter. First published: 22 July Last updated: 6 November Register to vote deadline Register to vote by 26 November The deadline to register to vote in the UK Parliamentary general election on 12 December is 26 November. Got 5?

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Kettle image. How to register to vote Registering to vote online is the easiest and quickest way. It only takes five minutes, and all you need is your national insurance number. If you're unable to register online, you can apply by post. Download a form for: England, Scotland, and Wales Northern Ireland You only need to register once, unless you change your address, name or nationality. If you do change address, name or nationality, you need to register to vote again.

You can request a reminder if you lose it.