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In the Census of Wilkinson Co. Seeking info on Benjamin Day and contact with any of his descendants. Lucinda married James F.

Pruett of Wilkinson Co. They had one son, James Henry Pruett. Seeking contact with any descendants. Mar in Ohio d. Joseph Co. After the war ended, they returned to Indiana to live. They had one child, Sarah Annie, who died at 7 years old. Martha died in Macon of malaria in and her body was shipped to Indiana to be buried beside her husband and daughter. All buried in Eutzler Cemetery , Misawaka, St. Seeking any info on James M. Day and contact with his descendants.

William F. Day m. They had two daughters, Myra and Fannie. Fannie married Obidiah "Obe" D. They had no children. Myra married Newton I. They had several children. Where are William and Missouri Day buried? William did not remarry after Missouri died. Family story that William Day was shot and killed in Twiggs County by a jealous husband who found William with his wife.

My great, great grandparents were Daniel C. Day and Sarah Jane Snow who m. Sarah Jane Snow b. Have extensive information on this line and willing to share. Addison H. Simpson b. Once he went to the spring to get a bucket of water and was gone for 2 years! Family story is that he had 3 families. GA; location of third family unknown. Am in contact with Wheeler Co descendants. Seeking contact with any Wayne Co. Any help on any of these families would be greatly appreciated. Wayne H. Day , Clarkston, GA.

I would like to know the name of their siblings African American. Appromate DOB was They lived in Jefferson County Wrens and raised their family. I found them in an census there.

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I would like to know where and when she died. My name is Audrey Manley , P. Any information concerning these families will be appreciated. I have been unable to trace John H. Dubose before his marriage in All I know is that he was born in south Carolina. Would greatly appreciate any information on John H D. I have just returned from a genealogical research trip to Georgia.

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It was quite productive in solving some mysteries but presented several others. I was especially interested in my great-grandmother, born Mary Jane Dupree, whom I found in the census as an 11 year old, living with Aniny mistranscription for Areny Dupree 50 , James Dupree 14 , a domestic servant, Sarah Green, and Ivison Beck 5. The only information I had from her death certificate was that she was born near Macon and her father's name was John. I had found my current-generation relatives from her first husband in Savannah and an affadavit of my grandmother's birth she was a child of a second marriage said my grandmother was born in Savannah.

If she had been from that family, her father, John, would have been killed in the civil war, but I couldn't figure out what might have happened to her mother, Mary, so that she was living in Savannah with James not a brother of the Spalding County Mary and Ariny no recognizable relative of the Spalding County Mary. At the Georgia Historical Society, I was able to find in the vestry records for Christ Church the marriage of Mary Jane Dupree and her first husband, taking place "in her mother's home.

It occurred to me that Arena might be a variation of Irene. Dupreist 17 Sarah M. Dupriest 7 Sarah M 5 John R. It would seem possible that Sarah married a Beck and then died so that the Beck children were raised by relatives, or some similar senario. He was able to tell me some family history and show me the graves of many Criswells at Mount Carmel Cemetery. He also has restored an original family log cabin from He is remarkable! My mysteries are: Where is the father John?

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I can find a Green Dupriest 26 of similar age to Irena. Is he her brother? Her husband? Why is she continuing to have his children if he is not with the family? What is the relationship between the Dupriests and the Becks? What happened to the parents of Ivison Beck, Gertrude Beck and John Beck that they are being raised in homes of others?

If you can help me with any of this, I will appreciate your information.

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She was the widow of Edward C. Epps of Twiggs County, who was killed in the Civil War. Where was Patience after ? Any information would be appreciated. Bob Epps. Stembridge, Esq. He appeared on the census. I am looking for information about Samuel while he was in Wilkinson County, siblings, other family members, etc. He was the son of Martha J. Dixon Evans and John F. He was born in Wilherson County in I believe he married in Gordon Ga.

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Fair, Thomas J. Fair, and unknown male under the age of 5 were listed in the census in Wilkinson County, Georgia. William H.

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Fair was born in South Carolina; his wife and children were all born in Georgia. From other census information, it appears that S. Fair was probably born in while younger brother Thomas J.

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Fair was probably born in I have not been able to find anything before this census record for any members of this family. Nor have I been able to find death records for any of them. By the census, the third son who was probably the youngest is no longer in their household, probably deceased. Any ideas about where to look for possible birth or marriage records for events regarding this family in Georgia would be greatly appreciated.